Are you ready to unravel your being? 

There is a great awakening happening within you. Your body is guiding you back home to your soul, so you can root yourself deeply into the earth and rise to meet spirit.

We will be going on a 9 week staged journey unpacking what it means to be a human and most importantly a woman.


Discovering ancient mystic teachings and earth practices to deepen your relationship with yourself and the earth.


Discovering your story, your narrative and how to rewrite it.


You will learn to become your own Shaman and how to work with natures cycles and how to heal yourself.


The Spiral inwards and upwards continues around and around

Week 1 

Sacred Space / Ceremony / Ritual 

What is space holding? Creating an Alter 

Week 2 - Rooting 

Foundation, Connection to the physical plane, Your Story, 

Unpacking your fears, Consciousness, Victim & Creator.

Working with the element of water.

Week 3 - The Human Condition 

Conditioning, Relationships, Inner Child, Pleasure & Guilt, Womb Wisdom, Working with Natures Cycles , Creativity, Sexuality

Week 4 - Stepping into you power 

Shadow Work, Tapping into the unconscious, Healing Shame & Pain, Working with the Element of Fire 

Week 5 - Being Heart Centered  

Integration of the pain body, dropping into the heart, heart energy, Working with the element of Wind, Healing grief and pain 

Week 6 - Speaking your truth 

The gifts of your soul, Your essence, Living your truth, What is your purpose in this lifetime,  Dreams & Desires

Week 7 - Dropping the Veil 

Realms & Dimensions, Seeing beyond the veil, Working with the spirit realm, Connecting with your ancestors, Signs from spirit & Nat

Week 8 - Your Higher Self 

No-thingness, Opening up to spirit, Wearing your Queen Crown 


What the journey entails

This course will take you on a deep journey to help you better understand who you are as a human being.


How to better understand your emotions, heal pain & trauma.


Working with the Unconsious and Shadow, shift limiting beliefs, change your contexual lenses and programing and how to work with energy and spirit shamanically.


Helping you create a clear vision for yourself and how you are going to rise to help others.


Embark on the journey 

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Lisa is a Body, Mind & Heart coach. She holds space for you to connect to the deepest parts of yourself so you can realize your MAGIC and your deepest potential.


Who are you?  What do you deeply desire? Do you love all parts of you? The pretty parts & the ones you believe the world will not love? 

In a volatile world we are losing ourselves more each day & it's never been more important to really SEE yourself. 



Lisa has the gift to guide you to your inner self, where you will find your own power to heal. As I continue to walk this journey, which has been incredibly overwhelming, emotional and just plain hard, I cannot thank Lisa enough for holding space for me



Lisa is an authentic woman and a humble teacher. Her Cacao Facilitator Training was supportive, informative, real and raw



I don’t know how to put into words how much Lisa has helped me in the last few months. You know when you just meet someone and you want to be in their presence because they’re real and powerful and they see you in the good and in the bad and still hold you in love